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Apartment Turnover Painting

Apartments are painted in hours, not days.

We know apartments

With over 30 years servicing the apartment industry, we understand the importance of providing a quality service in a quick time frame.  Our crews are trained specifically in the apartment industry, with most crew leaders having at least five years of experience in the field. 

At Flying Colors, our goal is to provide you with a fast, efficient, “on-call” service, with a quick turn around time. An apartment is painted from start to finish in hours, not days, greatly minimizing your make-ready downtime. 

The Process

Our standard turnover process is customized based on each property’s needs and generally includes:

  • caulking seams, filling nail holes and cracks
  • applying stain blocking primer to any water stains or dark marks
  • application of property-specific paint finishes to walls, trim, and/or ceilings with 18” rollers, brushes, and airless sprayers (only if permissible) for textured areas

Additional, commonly-provided services include: 

  • Change color/rehab painting
  • Occupied apartment painting
  • Add or remove accent walls
  • Wallpaper removal 
  • Joint compound/plaster repairs 
  • Sheetrock repairs and patching 
  • Power sanding and texture repairs
  • Wall repair from fire or water damage
  • Wall restoration from nicotine or smoke damage


We understand that the apartment industry relies on vendors who are on time, stick to a schedule, complete the job quickly and efficiently, and minimize the headaches for maintenance and management staff. 

The apartment industry is fast moving. Schedules are changing often, residents move out unexpectedly, and time is always of the essence. We are prepared to expect the unexpected, and in most cases our crew can be on site the very next day. That quick service is the "on-call" nature of our business that is unmatched in the painting industry. 

Quality Matters

Each property has different quality standards, but we don't. From A class high rises with skyline views to garden style apartments in the suburbs, we strive to maintain a consistent quality for each job.  We guarantee that every apartment is painted with the same standards that meet or exceed your expectations. If we don’t, then we will be back promptly to make it right. 

Why Choose Us:


1. Cost effective

        We offer the most competitive pricing for apartment turnover painting.

2. Minimize vacancy loss

       Our crews understand that downtime affects the bottom line 

3. Higher quality 

      A better product boosts your property image

4. More efficient 

      Cost savings are passed on to our customers 

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Commercial and common areas

Customer Creation and Co-worker Comfort


Sometimes, people do judge a book by its cover. That is why a clean paint job is essential for any place of business. 

From  offices to retail sites, we can custom paint a new build-out, transform  your place of work with a new color scheme, or freshen up a tired space  with a clean coat of paint. 

Interior  painting is our specialty. Scheduling efficiency and productivity are  integral to our daily success, just as it is to your business. We are the paint partner project managers or business owners need to make their  commercial space vision a timely reality.


A simple color change can make a big difference.

Attention to Detail

Residential painting requires an attention to detail in all aspects of the job, from preparation to clean up. The time spent preparing the walls before application of paint directly affects the quality of the finished product. 

Quality Products

To achieve a durable finish, you must use the right products. Our product expertise comes from years of experience in the field. From color choice to finish selection, we can help guide you in making an informed decisions about your paint project. 


Our business model is built upon providing the best service for the best value. Whether commercial or residential, we aim to create an efficient job site and pass those savings directly to the customer.